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All of EssexOA publications are being prepared to be available in digital format.  Please check the EssexOA MarketPlace (e-store) frequently as our publications are being prepared and posted as quickly as possible.

On the Buttons (links to Indexes) below you will see categories of Publications, many of which will be available soon on the EssexOA MarketPlace (e-store).  Available now are Indexes for many EssexOA publications.  We are continually adding Indexes to this Publications Indexes page.  For example, notice the Indexes to the Early Settlers of Essex County as well as Indexes to the Amherstburg Echo Newspaper of births, marriages and deaths from 1874 – 1959.

As a member of the Essex Branch, you can find most of these publications in Members Library. If you wish to purchase these publications follow the link to the Ontario Ancestors website here:   EssexOA MarketPlace (E-store)

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