Our Lady of the Rosary WW2 Cards

In 2007 the beloved church at the corner of Riverside Drive and Drouillard Rd, Our Lady of the Rosary, was to be closed and converted to an event centre.  The London Diocese collected items from the church and discovered in the basement a scapbook made up of cards with information of the 408 parishoners who had signed up to serve in World War Two.  It is not certain when these cards were created but they include the name of the parishoner, the parents names, the spouse name, if married, in which service they were in, where and when they served, their date and place of death if they died in Service, their address, and any other items of interest.  Most are very complete, and many have a photograph of the parishoner in uniform.  These were seen as valuable by the London Diocese and they have digitized them for preservation since the scrapbok was then very fragile.  They are posted on the London-Diocese site but we are presenting them here for your convenience.  The digitized files are protected and cannot be edited, some pages are not as clear as others, but viewing them in at least 100% should be enough to read the information provided.  There are 2 files to view: an alphabetic listing of the parishoners named on the cards and the scrapbook itself.  Please allow the files to download completely, then zoom to window width for the best result.