Windsor Grove Cemetery Index

This index gives the names of the people buried in Windsor Grove Cemetery in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. This information was extracted from the cemetery cards, burial ledgers, and cemetery database housed in the Cemetery Office of Memorial Cemetery. In addition, names were also added from photos of the headstones from a private photo collection OR published in the Canada GenWeb project (which is no longer accessible).  The transcriptions were entered as carefully as possible and spelling of surnames often differed depending on the source, therefore please review alternate spellings of SURNAMES.  If you discover one of these errors, please inform us so that we can make the correction. 

You can search by using the column search boxes specifically designated as SURNAME, GIVEN NAMES or DEATH YEAR.  If you use the global SEARCH box, at the top of the chart, instead of these filters, you will see more results, such as records from anyone with that name in a different field in the database.  For example. if you enter the name SMITH in the SURNAME column search box you will only retrieve records for people with the word SMITH in their SURNAME.   If you enter SMITH in the global SEARCH box you will retrieve anyone with the word SMITH in the entire database, such as a maiden name given in a different field. 

Also, by using the SURNAME Search box,  you can enter only the first few letters of a surname and the system will retrieve any names that BEGIN with those letters.  This is useful if you think that there is a spelling error.  

All the information concerning notes taken from the cards, ledgers, and photos (which can include names of family members, maiden names, age, military status, etc); dates of birth, if provided; and location in the cemetery, if noted, can be found in the Members Library cemetery file (if you are a member of the Essex Branch) OR if not a member, it can be purchsed in the Essex Marketplace.  If you wish the Essex County Branch Researcher to extract the information for your ancestor, please request assistance here.


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