Yearbook Scanning Project

High School Yearbook Scanning Project

EssexOGS and KentOGS are scanning high school yearbooks to preserve the books and information for future generations. The searchable documents will make it easier for the OGS researcher to assist family historians with their research. The yearbooks are being scanned at the Leddy Library, U of Windsor, and will be archived on the SWODA, WPL, and OGS servers.

1-YB Project 080611. The enclosed MS excel worksheet dated June 11, 2018 lists the High School yearbooks scanned, which is approx 250 as of mid June. The yearbooks listed with a H or WPL indicates the books are scheduled to be scanned (360 books). A red colour or blank space indicates that we are searching for that yearbook for preservation. We would welcome scanning a copy for you or arranging for you to assist with the scanning process, if you have time. Contact David at to arrange for picking up yearbooks. All yearbooks will be returned with a digital copy for your personal files, only (due to copyright and privacy concerns).

Please note: EssexOGS have received a CSJ Grant and Shaymaa, a graduate history student, has been hired to assist with the scanning project at the Leddy Library – room G-02 (2pm-8pm, Monday through Friday)

Remember: If you are cleaning out an attic and want to donate yearbooks, please contact us at