Library Subject Index Cards

Subject Index Cards

The early library teams produced a subject index card for each subject found in the Essex County Branch library collection.  The card describes where the subject was found, listing each library call number and the name of the publication.   This practice was maintained for many years however, due to a lack of volunteers,  it was discontinued a few years ago.    Additional subjects have been added to the collection which do not have a card produced, therefore it would be recommended that all indexes be reviewed in your search for your ancestor’s information.

The Essex Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has its library collection housed in The Windsor Public Library-Local History Branch at 3312 Sandwich Street , Windsor, Ontario, N9C 1B1.

Click on the appropriate alphabetic range representing the first letter of a subject of interest to you. Please allow the file to upload completely to be able to scroll through the cards.  These files are quite large, therefore this can take a few minutes. If the publication associated with the subject has been digitized, it can be found on the Members Only Page, if not digitized it can be found on the library shelves only.  We are currently in the process of posting all of our library materials which are not restricted by copyright.  If you need assistance please contact the Essex County Branch of the OGS librarian.