Family Record Indices

Family Records

BACON VAUGHAN PAPERS – There are 3 Volumes of documents including BMD records and newspaper articles collected by Edgar William Vaughan, an historian and genealogist living in Windsor in the 1930s. 

FAMILY GROUP SHEETS and PEDIGREE CHART BOOKS – The Family Group Sheets were donated by Branch members during 1980-2000. The Pedigree Chart Books were prepared by the Essex Research Coordinator prior to 2014. 

WAR OF 1812 CERTIFICATE KITS  –These War of 1812 Certificate Kits include the applications submitted to OGS as well as the documents supplied to prove lineage to an ancestor who fought for the British during the War of 1812.  The files have been edited to protect the privacy of living persons. There is not a Kit #6. 

MY CENTENNIAL ANCESTOR – As we were approaching the new 21st century, the Branch offered to award CENTENNIAL CERTIFICATES to those who had an ancestor living when the 20th century was approaching.  The applications include many official documents obtained in the 1990’s when the internet did not have such documents easily at hand.  The number of applications was outstanding and as a result, the Branch was able to prepare 10 Volumes, each with 3″ Binders,  of these kits.  They are available in  the WPL-Local History branch.  In the summer of 2022 a summer student was able to digitize these volumes and they are now presented here. 

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