Cemetery Indexes

Essex County Cemeteries

Screenshot of Cemetery map

Click here to link to the map of cemeteries in Essex County in Google Maps (opens in a new window).  Note that some locations are private property and permission must be obtained from the owner before entering. Also, some locations may be former burial sites from which all remains and headstones have been relocated.  Many of the cemeteries located on the map above have been transcribed by volunteers.  Some of those transcriptions are indexed below.

Click on a folder below to gain access to the files within that category.  Then click on the file that you wish to view.  Please allow the file to upload completely to allow you to zoom in for a better read. Depending on your internet speed and the size of the file, this can take a few seconds or a few minutes. In most cases zooming to 100% or window width gives the best result.

If you are a member of the Essex Branch of OA, full transcriptions are available for free on the Members’ Library.  Non-members may purchase the full transcriptions of the cemetery on our MarketPlace (E-store). Alternatively, they are available on a “pay per view ” basis by contacting the researcher for the Essex Branch of the OA ( [email protected] ). The EssexOA publication collection includes all of these cemetery transcriptions and is currently located at the Windsor Public Library, Local History Branch at 3312 Sandwich St.