Allison, William d1878, Rochester TWSP, Essex Co. – Book 2, Early Settlers EssexOGS

David W. Allison (1985), contributed information on William Allison (N. Ireland – d1878, Rochester TWSP, Essex Co.). William (brother to Hug, b.1797) moved from Killeter Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland to Etobicoke TWSP, York Co. about 1847, then moved to Lot 7, Con 9, Mersea TWSP around 1857.  William was married to Margaret Monteith of N. Ireland (d1878, Rochester). The children were: Mary (John Michel) b1841; Sarah Ann (Robert Thomas), b1843; George Knox (Mary Simons) b1845; Margaret (Caleb Nelson) b1847; Robert H. b1849; William James (Mary Ann Dorrington) B1852; Ellen B1854; Nancy b1857. William was a Yeoman. The definition of a Yeoman: option #1?

  1. historical
    a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate; a freeholder.
  2. historical
    a servant in a royal or noble household, ranking between a sergeant and a groom or a squire and a page.
    a member of the yeomanry force.
  4. a petty officer in the US Navy or Coast Guard performing clerical duties on board ship.