1984 Binder #2 – “Earlier Settlers” in Essex County, Ontario

In 1984, the EssexOGS collected information (EssexOGS holdings at Windsor Public Library, and on-line: Member’s Only section of the EssexOGS:  www.ogs.on.ca/essex) from families that had traced their roots to early settlers such as John Bailey (c1801) of Mayfield, Sussex, England, buried in Rosehill cemetery 1886 in Amherstburg, Ontario. John settled on the 2nd Concession of Anderdon (about a mile east of the Detroit River). His parents were William (c1773) and Francis Stapley (c1778), and siblings: Philadelphia, Nicholas, Sarah, Francis, Amos and James of Mayfield.

John was married to Ann Skinner (c1807), also buried in Rosehill. Her parents were George Skinner (c1780) of Mayfield and Fanny (Francis) Ford (c1781). They had 11 children: Alfred, Levi, Mercy, John, David, Charles, George, Sarah, Frances, Henry, Edwin. The records came from the Mayfield Parish Register, Christ Church Parish (Aburg) and the Amherstburg Echo (archives now at The Marsh Collection, Amherstburg).

It was noted, that John Bailey won prizes in the county (Essex, ON) fall fair for apples – I wonder if it was a family effort 🙂 . I also wonder if the records of the Bailey family tree has grown over the last 30 years.

The family history record was completed by a GG daughter, Barbra Bailey Bradley in 1983, and has been maintained by the WPL, and ‘volunteers’ or as I like to call them “Enthusiastic Family Historians” of the EssexOGS.