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Windsor’s Community Museum (Archives) located in the Francois Baby House, built in 1812 by François Baby, a French-Canadian: Hours –

Windsor’s Community Museum is located in the Francois Baby House, an historic house built in 1812 by François Baby, a prominent French-Canadian. Windsor’s Community Museum has a wide array of collections, which document the rich history of this community.  Amongst them are: The Artifact Collection Over 15,000 artifacts are […]

Post 1812-14 necessity for a larger Canadian population

Immigration History of Canada. The Quebec History Encyclopedia; An excellent summary of the immigration hisotry of Canada. Of interest is the following quote from the web site:  “….The War of 1812 attracted attention to the necessity for a larger population in Canada, particularly of people with British […]

Windsor’s Scottish Heritage

The Windsor Scottish Heritage site provides some history of the immigration from Scotland – includes an interesting 1815  immigration scheme. As well as, a brief history of some families in the Windsor area, which may assist family tree hunters. The 1880’s Walkerville Country Club (9 hole golf course) is mentioned as being […]


Welcome to EssexOGS  – Region One of the Ontario Genealogical Society. The EssexOGS publications are located at the Windsor Public Library, Windsor, ON, Canada. The purpose of the Essex OGS branch is to collaborate with those who are interested in researching their ancestral roots in Essex County, Ontario, Canada. We encourage you to attend […]