Trails Newsletters – Now on EssexOGS Members Only web site – starting at 1980

NEW for 2016: Many copies of the EssexOGS Newsletter “Trails” have now been scanned by “Active Members” and posted to the Essex Branch’s ‘members only’ section of the OGS web site:

The third edition of the 1980 Trails contains a number of names of active council members, guest speakers, and researchers such as the following (cut & pasted):

Don Ouellette

Susan Gitlin

Debbie Butler

Anna Ouellette

Marie Charbonneau

June Wigle Cramp

Barbra Bailey

Gordon Meston

Connie Flak

Morley Rounding

J Pat Parks Sr

Susan Gitlin

Judy Heynsbroek

Susan Gitlin

Dorothy Phelps

Allan Douglas of Hiram Walkers

Joseph Seguin, UofW

Marie Robinson

Abraham Rice

Peggy Colella

Debra Butler

Gerald Pouget,

Douglas Firby, Windsor Star

Grace Manning

 Another reason to being an “Active member” of the EssexOGS; future generations will have another source to research their ancestors 😉