The St Mary’s Church Cemetery, Walkerville

St Mary’s Anglican Church Walkerville Cemetery (established 1905) – The Essex County Branch of Ontario Ancestors Cemetery Team transcribed the Church Cemetery headstones in 1982. In 2013, the Team took pictures of the visible headstones for the Cemetery website. The website has since been revised and the pictures have been uploaded again adding the location in the cemetery where the headstone can be found, such as lot or section information, if available. For headstone pictures that were not available, copies of the Essex County Branch of Ontario Ancestors transcriptions or the Church Burial Records were uploaded – which are informative. In addition, pictures of the Cemetery over the years have been added to the various folders. This year, the Team will continue the picture taking process for those headstones missed 10 years ago. 

Here is the link to this website: https://st-marys-anglican-church-walkerville.yolasite.com/find-a-grave/