Cemetery Advocacy

Cemetery Registration Project Update June 29 2016

From   Diane Clendenan and Marjorie Stuart Co-Chairs OA/OHS Cemetery Preservation and Registration Committee

 Responsibility of ALL OA Members

 To watch for all official cemetery notices in their local newspapers and report these immediately to:  (e-mail to info@ogs.on.ca and copy to cemeteries@ogs.on.ca with your information or write OGS, 2100 Steeles Avenue West, unit 202, Concord, Ontario, L4K 2V1 or make contact via the toll free line 855-697-6687 or dial 416-489-0734.

DO NOT WAIT. Time is of the essence. There is a very short time to notify branches, possible descendants and for the OA President to take appropriate action.

Unregistered cemeteries three weeks – Registered cemeteries 45 days

The Funeral, Burial & Cremation Services Act governs funerals, burials, cemeteries and burial sites in Ontario All aspects of funerals and burials are now administered by the  Burial Authority of Ontario (BAO) The BOA has two Registrars. The problem related to closure and notification was discussed with the Registrars. The Registrars have a very small staff with whom they work and unfortunately their hands are tied by the regulations for the Funeral, Burial & Cremation Services Act.

The OA/OHS Cemetery Registration Committee continues to compile the information requested by the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Services. This is now forwarded the BAO. This is prepared with the co-operation and input of the branch and often local historical societies.

Branch Responsibility: Cemetery Co-ordinators or Chair in their absence

Their local knowledge of ALL known burial locations- not just those that have been transcribed – is vital.  Your assistance and timely responses are much appreciated.

Again we may be contacted at cemeteries@ogs.on.ca  Your concerns may involve road construction, pipelines, hydro installations, right of access, possible development or maintenance. We need to know what might impact on your cemeteries. If immediate action is required the Committee will assist or recommend. We also like to hear good news stories!

Like possible closure information timely notification is important

 Ontario Cemetery Locator

Information was lost during the switch to the Vita program. This is updated and corrected as quickly as possible.  Any corrections, new information etc should be forwarded to the

OA/OHS Cemetery Registration Committee cemeteries@ogs.on.ca

If you need a number for a newly discovered cemetery, or have a newly published transcription, contact us at:  cemeteries@ogs.on.ca