Member’s Only Site


Members: Logging into the Essex OGS Member’s Only Site is handled through The Society Office Server (  Once you’ve navigated to OGS site, choose “the Members Only” and sign in.  THEN, go back to the “Members Only” tab and click on the “Branch Member Sites” link. Then select ‘Essex Branch’ from the list of Branch Member Sites, and you’ll be redirected to the EssexOGS Member’s Only area, if you are a member of the EssexOGS branch.

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You’re a member but don’t have an online account? More information is available on the Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Office Web Site


Browsing, not yet  a member, and curious about the contents of the Member’s Only (MO) site? Click on the link to a Microsoft Excel (2003) spreadsheet containing a table of contents by MO site page(s) – Excel sheet: MO Table of Contents by MO web page The Table of Contents excel sheet downloads to your computer – “enable” to view and browse / search the excel spreadsheet.