Bill C-626 (long census)

Bill C-626

This private member’s bill was introduced to reinstate the long-form census.  Census information is valuable not only to future generations researching family history but also for present day decision-makers.  Lots of information is available on the following website:

Reinstate the long-form census.

Also, this message from OA President Alan Campbell: OA Blog

Show your support for passage of Bill C-626 by writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or to your MP.

Help Save: Library and Archives Canada (LAC)

Recently several cuts were announced by Library and Archives Canada (LAC). These cuts will affect the ability of LAC to provide a high level of service to researchers and will affect the public’s ability to access records housed at LAC. Additionally, LAC has announced cuts to programs that support archives throughout Canada, which will affect the ability of these organizations to continue to make Canada’s documentary history accessible.

What you can do ! Follow the links for the Full Story, On-line Petition, and example letter.

1) First link to the OA for Help Save LAC Button-Link

2) Click on the Help Save L.A.C.or the following link:

3) At the bottom of the above link click the link to the petition or click the link below: